We are a mobile-first, on-demand communication platform that transforms the way innovative med-tech companies educate and raise awareness about their product's unique medical profile in the field.


We provide a project management platform for creating, capturing, and sharing short video panel presentations. Our technology provides innovative organizations a unique way to educate, raise awareness, and share information.

There is no doubt in-person events are a highly effective. However, executing a successful event is time consuming, inefficient, and expensive. Problems include the inconvenience of evening or weekend availability for subject matter experts (SMEs), lost productivity for SMEs taking time away from their business, travel expenses, the hassle of coordinating schedules, and the inability to reuse or repurpose a one-time event. These challenges significantly limit the ability for organizations of all kinds to leverage true value from any in-person conference, panel, or other event.

MinutePanel’s on-line panel platform is significantly more efficient and cost effective than traditional in-person events, enabling organizations to share information and answer questions on a variety of topics. Presenters can provide pre-recorded web-cam video responses, supporting documentation, and answer questions regarding a specific topic. Our solution is compliant, highly effective for communicating key messages, and enables broader access to a larger audience. Additionally, the virtual panel is an innovative differentiator for most organizations.

With the combination of advanced technology and experienced subject matter experts, innovative organizations can successfully educate, raise awareness, and share information in a way that is measurable, efficient, and cost effective.